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📜 Contracts


Kodex uses Seaport's contracts for all on-chain market execution. This includes listing domains, purchasing domains, making offers (both individually and bulk).

The audit can be found here


The Kodex registry uses the native ENS registrar contract for registrations of individual domains.

For bulk registrations, Kodex has developed a custom gas-optimized "bulk-registrar" contract.

Currently, the Kodex bulk registrar is the most gas-efficient way to register ENS domains in bulk.

The repo can be found here

🔌 Connection

Connecting your wallet to Kodex merely allows the platform to view data about your wallet and your ENS collection in order to create your profile. It does not grant access to any of your NFTs or erc20 balances.

⚠️ Warning messages

Metamask will will display a warning message when you first go to list a domain, which requires you to approve all of your NFTs. Don't worry, this is an intended part of Seaport's design allowing you to list domains rapidly and gas-free, versus making a transaction each time you wanted to list a single domain.

As part of its design, Seaport cannot transfer any of your NFTs unless there is an existing order for that NFT, created and signed by you, that is fulfiled at the specified price (bought).